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Monday, February 18, 2013

Friends, Dragons and Sangria: Weekends Don't Get Much Better

I had another wonderful weekend of a friend visiting. One of my closest friends from undergrad came down for the weekend. We decided to do some crafty projects after searching around on Pinterest for awhile. We found an adorable Dragon...but the pattern and directions were in another language. So we decided we'd fake it until we made it.

We didn't use the pattern and free handed a lot of the cuts. I do love our dragons, but the person who created the pattern definitely did an adorable job.

Here are our projects.

 Meet Earl (blue) and Denver (red)!

Earl is mine and Denver is Sarah's. It was a lot of fun but it took a LONG time. We spent about 6 hours on these little guys.

But I think they were worth it...don't you?

 So cute!
It was so good to get to see Sarah again! It doesn't happen nearly enough. We also had lots of delicious food, skyped with another friend, went shopping (great sales at Michael's) and window shopping...oh and made a delicious Sangria.

The recipe is easy enough to make:

1 bottle Moscato
1 Orange
1 Lime
1 Lemon
1 bag frozen berries
Raspberry Blackberry Sparkling Water

Cut orange, lime, and lemon in slices. Put into pitcher. Pour moscato over sliced fruit. Add a small handful of berries. Let sit (refrigerated) for a few hours (we waited about 3 hours, you can definitely wait more if you'd like!). Add more frozen berries and about 1/2 a bottle (33 oz) of sparkling water. And enjoy. So simple...and SO delicious.

I'm ready for another weekend just like it!


  1. I love that Earl has become his official name. :)

  2. The dragons are great. I also love the idea of a flavored sparking water for the sangria :) Makes so much sense, but I've never thought of it!

  3. Thanks! And I actually thought of it as an alternative to adding extra sugar. Last time I made sangria I used sugar and cut it to about a 1/4 of what the recipe called for and used the flavored water for the rest and it was a bit too sweet. So this time I didn't need any sugar. It's a great extra!