Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mike Wazowski's doing 13.1 miles!

In my last post (Tutus and Training) I had mentioned I was getting a fanny pack for my upcoming 1/2 marathon. Being diabetic it'll be important to have some emergency supplies on me during the race. I didn't want just an average boring fanny pack. (Because they're ever so fashionable, right?). I decided to make my pack tie in with my costume in general. So since my costume is inspired by Sulley by Monster's Inc, the pack is inspired by Mike! Because they're such an awesome pair I didn't want them to be separated for 13.1 miles!

I bought green, white, and black felt. They were $0.20 each. I already had a blue felt sheet at home so I didn't need to worry about that. And then I bought a $7 fanny pack.

I put the green felt in my embroidery. Then cut out a white circle and sewed that on.

 I then did the same with the blue and the black. I just made each color progressively smaller.
Next I made half moons for both the eyelids and the mouth.
Then I of course had to add the teeth.

 Finally I attached it to the fanny pack. The pack is empty right now but will definitely round out when I put my camera and such in it. I'm excited about this one!

He looks in shock that he'll be going on this 13.1 mile journey...."Sulley...what were you thinking?!?"