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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Twine and Frames

It's been awhile since I've done any blogging or crafting! Life got a bit hectic there! We've recently moved into a new, bigger apartment! With packing and moving and wrapping up the end of the year at work it just got busy. Today's post is just a very quick craft, but honestly it's one of my favorites.

With the new apartment, we each got our own closet. I was VERY excited by this because I'm kind of (read VERY MUCH SO) a neat freak. My boyfriend on the other hand is not at all. When I got to the new place I was trying to figure out how to organize everything in my own closet. Clothes were pretty basic, hanging or folded in assorted piles. My jewelry was what I was struggling with. In the last apartment I had a makeshift earring holder that I never really loved. It was cheap and plastic and broken. So I knew it wasn't coming to the new place.

I found an old frame that was empty and the glass broke in the move. I spent a few minutes disassembling the frame (removing the glass, taking off the tabs that held the back in, etc). If you do have a frame that you want to use that uses those little metal tabs to hold everything in, just bend them back and forth a few times and they'll pop right off.

Next I took twine and just tied string across the frame to form lines.

And tah-dah! It was done. It was really simple and for me free because I had the frame and the twine. If you have to pick those up though, you can get a cheap frame or an expensive one for however much you like and twine, which a big roll that has helped me with a bunch of projects cost $5.

I just hung up my earrings. I used the small command hooks for my necklaces. Again, this was a super simple, super effective project. I love how it looks.

The one above is close up picture so you can see the twine.

This one's a bit further away. The purses are hung with just a nail in the wall, I got the jewelry box forever ago from my mom, and the bucket with the nail polish was a dollar at the Dollar Store, I've had that forever too. I just threw my bracelets and sunglasses in a small basket that I got as part of some Secret Santa exchange forever ago too.

Most of the new place is put together with a few things here and there to work on. The rest of the bedroom will be put on hold while we wait for our new bed. It's organized now but we're not putting too much on the walls until we get the new bed.

Hope you enjoy! 


  1. So cute! I love the pictures of the new place!

  2. It's so nice to have a place for your jewelry, I don't wear it if I don't see it.